Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Soundfont [COMPILED]

27 February 2021

This is a compiled version of the DPP soundfont by smochdar for easier use, especially with the official midis from the games.



Pokemon Diamond Pearl Platinum FULL.sf2 (2.4 MB, 27 February 2021)


  • No

    People hate this garbage of having to download someshit and this sf2 isn't even complete! It's messing the Drawback Organ Percussion and Bright Piano Percussion! What a scam!

  • No

    Hell yes, a pokemon soundfont, time to pokemon and stuff and

  • GoFuck Urself

    Creating account for stupiid thimgs succs y u do thisd to me webshit

    • aflac numero uno

      nah fr this website sucks my balls

      • stop forcing me to sign up to download stuff

        agreed, people who make websites that force you to make an account just to download stuff should be sent to the surface of the sun

        • i fucking hate this site

          so true                           

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