Proteus 2 - orchestral

E-mu Sound Central
22 February 2017


Proteus2 Instruments.sf2 (7.96 MB, 22 February 2017)
Proteus2 Presets.sf2 (7.87 MB, 22 February 2017)


  • Bob Williams

    Hello I am bob williams and I approve

  • Alex

     Color  11 months ago thanksrtrtr youtrthanks yourtrtr

  • Color

    thanks you

  • Eduardo Abreu

    thank you, now i can remake undertale songs

  • Youmu Konpaku

    I think it's missing the Gamelon preset

  • lolgayhh

    Neat aaaaaaaaaaa

  • Nicholas M Daskievige

    This synthesizer was used to create the music for the MWS and the Fred Wolf Films logo 

  • Logan Price

    making Bonetrousle from UNDERTALE thanks!

  • key

    This soundfont is very nice

  • Dauk

    cool boy it help me 

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