Maestro clarinet

Mats Helgesson
05 January 2017
Maestro clarinet base:
Bank Preset Name
0 0 Clarinet Base
0 1 Clarinet w/o keys
0 2 Clarinet keys only
0 3 Clarinet Base fast
0 4 Base fast w/o keys



maestro_clarinet_base.sf2 (32.91 MB, 05 January 2017)
maestro_clarinet_legato.sf2 (68.48 MB, 05 January 2017)


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  • Yago Silva Lima


  • Bosun Chow

    It is by far, I dare say the most realistic clarinet sound font that is free. It does has it's flaws however, just as Peter James said, the attack of the notes is a bit sluggish. However, I do think the flaws has its charm for the sound font in which gives a bit of realism to the otherwise "not real playing".  

  • Peter James

    I tried the maestro_clarinet_base.sf2 and legato.sf2 in Musescore and found the attack of the notes a bit sluggish. Tone is good and realistic however.

  • amin


  • Rachael Cornes

    This is easily the most realistic-sounding, versatile clarinet soundfont I have ever used.
    Highly recommended to anyone looking for a natural clarinet sound for free.

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